I haven’t posted since February, and feel I should explain such a long drop-off after such an enthusiastic post.

I’ve continued my work in my typical ADD fashion. I’ve got a number of things in the air. I’m writing a couple Android apps, have continued work on the Overtone stuff (and played a bit with Sonic Pi), and have continued to flip through the DSP book (more exercises coming soon). But the principle reason I haven’t updated in awhile is that I have moved from Seattle, WA to New Orleans, LA to switch my primary focus from computer work to musician. The process of planning and executing such a big move soaked up several months, and I didn’t do it without considerable help from friends and family.

Regarding my change of focus: I’m chasing a couple remote software dev jobs right now, so it’s not like I’m dropping out of the industry (I did consider it, but I should keep my tech career at least on life support — I worked pretty hard to break in, and too much disillusionment is a little bratty of me).

If you read this (which would surprise me if you’re anybody other than me and my mother), expect more DSP geekery and clojure shenanigans in coming months, as well as more posts around music and even a little politics. This is primarily a professional space, but I deleted all my social media about 5 months ago and have found myself writing a lot more. I haven’t decided whether to start a separate blog or to just tag posts on this one. Either way, I’m not renting my prose out to a large data-harvesting corporation.

Till then.