I had a bit of a tumultuous landing in New Orleans. Several distinct episodes spanning a few months each, with some real I-should-write-a-book material here and there. This place is wild.

Lately I’m on my feet, pushing code to github every few days, playing music around town, and generally getting back in the groove of things. Say, here’s a blog post!

When it comes to writing effects and live coding, I began to favor pure SuperCollider this past year. Overtone is awesome, and I can’t remember what made me drift away from it, but I’ve found that the JITLib extension to SC does everything for me that Overtone did, as well as solving a couple problems with my use-case of mostly live-coding effects (as opposed to patterns and synths).

I’m still intrigued by live-coding music in Clojure. It’s likely that I will reintegrate Overtone into my toolkit soon, but right now the rough prototype I’m performing with is pure SC. Regular rehearsals and performances will teach me what I need, and I’ll probably use Overtone to build it where it makes sense.

I’ve performed with SuperCollider in New Orleans a couple times now, and I’m actively collaborating with some local musicians on a weird psychedelic free jazz type deal. We’re having an absolute blast, and I look forward to being able to share some of what we make.

I wrote a small Android app this past winter before taking a break to tend to some work for a client and then chase more work. I’m excited about that.

After this, expect some posts on various nuances around writing delays and other FX in SuperCollider.